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DN200 PN16 DIN Angle Globe Valve

Didtek DIN Angle Globe Valve must be installed in the proper relation to the media flow as indicated by the flow direction arrow marked on the valve body. The Graphite Packings are intended to offer high temperature capability,good chemical resistance and markedly reduced spindle wear. By selecting or combining the many versions of Graphite Packing available.


Didtek Control Valve

Checking the pressure and corrosion resistance of control valve is necessary.


Didtek Forged Floating Ball Valve

Among the various valves, the ball valve has the least flow resistance. When the full-diameter ball valve is opened, the ball passage, the valve body passage and the connecting pipe are equal in diameter and form a diameter, and the medium can flow almost without loss.


Didtek PN10 DN50 CF8M Single Direction Sealing Knife Gate Valve

Knife gate valve entered China in the 1980s. In less than 20 years, its use range has expanded from the general field to a wider range of industries, from coal preparation, drainage, and slagging of mine power plants to city's sewage treatment has evolved, and from general industrial pipelines to specialized plumbing systems such as food, sanitation and medicine.


Didtek Floating ball valves

Didtek Floating ball valves is suitable for water, gas, oil, natural gas and acid-alkaline corrosive media.

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