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DIDTEK DIN Globe Check Valve

Didtek DIN Globe Check Valve structure is similar to globe valve,but the connection of stem and disc are not fixed.The globe check valve could run globe valve fuction when the stem drops and compresses the disc on the seat,while when the stem rises up,it could work as a check valve.When we need to install both globe valve and check valve on the pipe at the same time,or with limited installation area,the globe check valve would be the best choice as it could save installation cost as well as space.


DIDTEK Dual Plate Wafer Check Valve

Didtek Dual Plate wafer check valve is a general purpose or high-performance check valve with a short face-to-face design.Unlike swing check valves,these valves are typically flangeless,installed between two flangers on the inside diameter of the flange bolt circle,held in place by studs.Spring tension can be customized to accommodate low,minimum,standard,or high torque springs.Additionally, seating surfaces of a wafer check valve can be specified to meet service demands with such materials as Buna-N,Viton,Teflon,Neoprene,EPDM,and Hypalon for bub-ble-tight seating.


DIDTEK WCB Pressure sealing Cast Steel Lift Check Valve

DIDTEK Cast Steel Lift Check Valve is used to prevent back flow in the line. Flow is in a straight line through the valve resulting in minimal pressure drop.

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