Didtek Valve Fugitive Emission Test for ISO 15848-1, TA-LUFT

Environmental protection is on everyone's lips. Both nationally and internationally, the requirements are becoming more and more stringent. Many operators are setting their limits even higher: Often it is ...


EAC CU-TR 010 and CU-TR 032 Certification For Didtek

Valves that are exported to EAEU countries, are subject to mandatory EAC TR CU compliance.


How Do Didtek Cryogenic Valves Work?

As its name suggests, cryogenic valves are designed to be used in very cold applications. They are thus most popularly used by companies that work with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or Compressed Natural Gas...


Didtek Tailor-Made Special Material Valves--Titanium, Zirconium, Nickel, Copper And More

Special materials have special properties and are suitable for special applications. There are highly durable, strong, light or resistant special materials for various requirements. These may be particular...


Didtek API600 Gate Valve 3 Stages Of Heat Treatment

works with various heat-treating partners to provide our customers with quality parts that meet their specifications. We offer turn-key, heat-treated products from our nationwide stock of plate, bar, and s...


Didtek CNC Center Arrived

This week, The two new CNC center has arrived at our factory. Recently, due to the surge in orders, the CNC centers in our factory is operating at full capacity, Two newly added CNC centers will help allev...


Didtek Cast Steel CN7M Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Chemical Test

Didtek Cast triple offset butterfly valve in CN7M material. We ask the foundry to take an addition testing sample stickers with the casting body together, because this special material need to do chemical ...


Didtek Successfully Pass the Lloyd's Regisiter 2014/68/EU Annex III Module H CE

On commercial products, the letters CE (as the logo CЄ) mean that the manufacturer or importer affirms the good's conformity with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards.


Didtek API600 Gate Vave has been finished heat treatment.

Didtek API600 Gate Vave has been finished heat treatment. It is just come out from the Electronic Oven, Very Hot Hot Hot !!! There are three stages of heat treatment:  Heat the metal slowly to ensure that ...


Didtek Successfully gained the Certificate Of API 6D

Congratulations, Didtek Successfully gained the Certificate Of API 6D. API 6D certification is API 6D standard usage license certification.