A Complete Guide to Gate Valves: Selection of Type and Use

Gate valves are a product of the industrial revolution. While valve designs such as ball and plug valves have been around for longer, gate valves dominated the industry for decades, until recently ceding s...


What is a Seawater Valve?

Seawater valves are commonly used as fire suppression fluids in offshore applications and in onshore locations. Seawater valves are the first choice for most people due to their strong corrosion resistance...


Why Use A Ball Valve Versus A Gate Valve?

With so many different types of valves on the market today, it can be difficult to decide which valve is best for your application. In this article, Didtek discusses the advantages of ball valves versus ga...


Didtek Aluminum Bronze C95800 Trim Monel Gate Valve

The material of the body is Aluminum Bronze C95800, which has strong corrosion resistance.


Didtek Casting Steel 2500LB WCB PSB Gate Valve

Didtek Cast steel Gate valves are primarily used for stop valves fully opened or fully closed. They are not normally considered for throttling purposes, but more for slurries, viscous fluids, etc. Gate val...


Didtek Outside Stem and Yoke Gate Valve

Didtek gate valve can be used for low temperature and low pressure, and can also be applied to high temperature and high pressure, and can be used for various media according to different materials of the ...


Didtek Heat Jacket Gate Valve With Blow Down And Drain

Didtek heating jackets are required where the process temperature must be maintained through the valve in order to keep the process media fluid. In particular, where there is potential for media to be trap...


Didtek C95800 Aluminium Bronze Forged Gate Valves

Didtek forged steel gate valves are available in three bonnet designs. The first design is the Bolted Bonnet, with male-female joint, made in F304/graphite. Ring joint gasket are also available on request....


Didtek Cryogenic Extension Stem Cast Steel Gate Valve

Didtek gate valve is a shutter gate. The direction of movement of the gate is perpendicular to the direction of the flow. The gate valve can only be fully opened and fully closed and cannot be adjusted or ...