Didtek PEEK Seat High Temperature High Pressure Ball Valve

Didtek PN100 PEEK seat ball valve, it could withstand Temperature up to 250 Degree C, and could reach high pressure CL2500. The ball valve uses the Anti-Corrosion Epoxy Coating , with strong corrosion resi...


Didtek Heat Jacket Gate Valve With Blow Down And Drain

Didtek heating jackets are required where the process temperature must be maintained through the valve in order to keep the process media fluid. In particular, where there is potential for media to be trap...


Didtek Valve Group Opening For Tiger Year 2022

Thanks for the accompany along the way, and may we can work together to create a prosperous tiger year.


Didtek Forging Low Temperature Steel Floating Ball Valve

Didtek floating ball valve is divided into forged and cast, the cast floating ball valve is in two pieces, and the forged floating ball valve in two pieces or three pieces. Under normal circumstances, the ...


Didtek CNC Center Arrived

This week, The two new CNC center has arrived at our factory. Recently, due to the surge in orders, the CNC centers in our factory is operating at full capacity, Two newly added CNC centers will help allev...


Didtek Wish Happy Spring Festival 2022

Didtek Warm Greetings And Best Wishes For Happiness And Good Luck In The Coming Year.


Didtek WCB 16" 300LB Cast Steel Y Strainer

Didtek WCB 16" 300LB Cast Steel Y Strainer, 16"ANSI 300, RF FLANGE, ASTM A-216-WCB BODY, SCREE 316SS, 8 MESH. Cast Y Strainer is a device for mechanically removing solids from flowing liquids or gases by m...


Didtek Inverted Pressure Balance Lubricated Plug valves

Didtek Inverted Pressure Balance Lubricated Plug valves are suitable for use in the pipelines for various kinds of working conditions,with nominal pressure of Class 150-2500 and working temperature of -29-...


Didtek Tilting Disc Retainerless Type Wafer Check Valve

Didtek Tilting Disc Retainerless Type Wafer Check Valve features a single cast body without pin retainer holes in the body. This design minimizes prospective leak paths through the valve body making it a p...


Didtek Slurry Valve Are Application In The Mine

Slurry Knife Gate Valve Slurry valve is named because of its application in the mine. It is made of three-piece combination.