What is the Valve Symbol in P&ID Drawing?

Engineers use the control valve symbol to identify the type of control valve they want to specify for a particular application. In this article, we will identify the most commonly used control valve symbol...


How To Choose Ball Valve Or Butterfly Valve?

When Didtek designing and building a piping system — whether for food and beverage production, municipal water supply or biochemical treatment —using the correct type of valve is critical. Doing this will ...


Why Use A Ball Valve Versus A Gate Valve?

With so many different types of valves on the market today, it can be difficult to decide which valve is best for your application. In this article, Didtek discusses the advantages of ball valves versus ga...


What are the Uses of Ball Valves?

As the name implies, a ball valve has a spherical disc that acts as a stopper when the valve is closed. As one of the most commonly used industrial valves, ball valves are often used in tight shutoff appli...


Common Causes of Ball Valve Failures and Solutions

Most problems with ball valves are caused by improper installation of valve parts or incorrect installation of parts. The most common causes of ball valve problems are accumulation of dirt and water residu...


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EAC CU-TR 010 and CU-TR 032 Certification For Didtek

Valves that are exported to EAEU countries, are subject to mandatory EAC TR CU compliance.


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