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Didtek Valve Fugitive Emission Test for ISO 15848-1, TA-LUFT

Environmental protection is on everyone's lips. Both nationally and internationally, the requirements are becoming more and more stringent. Many operators are setting their limits even higher: Often it is ...


Didtek Wish Happy Father's Day 2022

You Have Always Been So Patient With Me. www.didtekvalve.com / www.csvvalves.com


Didtek Wish Happy Dragon Boat Festival 2022

Didtek Wish Happy Dragon Boat Festival!​​​​​​​


Didtek Wish Happy Children's Day 2022

Didtek Wish Happy Children's Day, More Accompany, More Warm!


Didtek Ball Valve Knowledge Summary

With the technological advancement of ball valves, ball valves will have a wider range of applications in the foreseeable short time, especially on oil and gas pipelines, cracking units in refining and the...


Didtek Wish You Happy International Labor Day 2022

May day, Didtek wish you a happy work, happy rest more!


EAC CU-TR 010 and CU-TR 032 Certification For Didtek

Valves that are exported to EAEU countries, are subject to mandatory EAC TR CU compliance.


Didtek Wish Happy Easter Day 2022

When Easter arrives, let happiness wake up, let happiness not be awakened, let good luck be reborn, let auspicious open your eyes, let you have happiness, happiness, happiness, good luck, good fortune, hap...


Didtek Aluminum Bronze C95800 Trim Monel Gate Valve

The material of the body is Aluminum Bronze C95800, which has strong corrosion resistance.