Seawater valves are commonly used as fire suppression fluids in offshore applications and in onshore locations. Seawater valves are the first choice for most people due to their strong corrosion resistance.


What is the valve material resistant to seawater corrosion?

In order to solve the problem of seawater corrosion, we usually choose valves made of titanium, (super) two-phase steel, nickel-aluminum bronze or austenitic stainless steel, which have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, guaranteed service life and longer replacement cycle. Help You save costs and increase the reliability of desalination.


What are seawater valves usually used for?

Seawater valves have extremely strong corrosion resistance and can be used in many occasions. Tankers of various sizes are equipped with seawater valves from fore and aft. These valves for salt water applications are designed to be tight connections with as little protection as possible from salt water corrosion. Seawater valves are often used as on-off and regulating valves in harsh temperatures.


When selecting seawater valves what factors are to be considered?

1. Suitable material

Depending on the application of the valve in seawater, different materials can be used with different chlorine contents. The correct material is very important as it provides the foundation for your seawater valve.

2. Choose the most effective seawater valve solution

Analysis of the water composition is a motivating factor if you know the salt concentration in the water.

3. Choose a professional seawater valve manufacturer

Before choosing a seawater valve, pay more attention to suppliers and manufacturers. A professional and reliable manufacturer can guarantee the quality of the valve and provide good after-sales service.


Didtek Valve Manufacturer Focused on Desalination Industry

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Serving the desalination industry, our titanium, monel, nickel aluminum bronze, duplex and super duplex valves are used in corrosion resistant seawater applications. Meanwhile, our various product lines can help you find the best solution that balances performance and cost to meet your needs.